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What is it about turning 30?!

I turned 30 in July, and let's just say I have dreaded this year for some time now. Turning 30 is one of those things everyone has an opinion about. I mean, some of us actually have a fear of aging, and it's completely normal, or at least I think it is. Don't you remember when you were a teenager, and you thought 30 something year olds were like ANCIENT? Wrinkles, bags under their eyes, forehead lines, and saggy skin. Ugh. An instant death of youth and free-range irresponsibility. Little did we know time would creep up on us and WE would be that 30-year-old!

For some reason, the idea of actually turning 30 came with a lot of skincare concerns. I began spending hours upon hours researching it like nobody's business.

What are the best skincare products for 30 year olds?

What is the best skincare routine for your 30's?

What products should I use BEFORE turning 30?

What are the best anti-aging products?

How do I prevent wrinkles?

Seriously, you would laugh at my collection of bookmarked pages that were devoted to skincare and aging. I was slowly, but surely getting the feeling that my Neutrogena face wash and Aveeno moisturizer wasn't going to cut it anymore. Here's the thing, we obviously can't prevent aging, BUT I learned there are some things we can do to our skin that help it be a little more tolerable.

At the beginning of this year I started becoming extremely interested in natural skincare. I honestly don't even know what led me in that direction. Maybe someone mentioning it on social media, seeing an ad somewhere, or overhearing a co-worker talk about their skincare routine. Either way, I'm glad I took the time to do my own research, and that is exactly why Naturally Redefined Beauty Company exists today!

If you didn't know already, our skin is only a few millimeters thick, but is by far the largest organ in our bodies. Skin forms the body's outer covering, and forms a barrier to protect the body from chemicals, disease, UV light, and physical damage. It is also the area that takes on the effects of sun, wind, weather, and EVERYTHING else that goes on it, from soap, lotion, serums, and other beauty care products.

Many of us aren't aware that these beauty care products have evolved from the simple plant-based extracts formulated years and years ago, to the complex chemical combinations that are being marketed today. You know the saying, if it isn't broke, don't fix it? Well, leave it to some genius to think that science is better than nature.

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory power has been limited for years. They can neither directly address potentially dangerous products nor impose pre-market testing for cosmetics. The FDA’s legal powers are limited to drug companies, which are mandated to conduct extensive pre-market product testing; there is however, no such mandate for cosmetics. The beauty industry does NOT have to list every single ingredient on the back of their products. What does that mean? It means that there are NUMEROUS toxic skincare ingredients being added to your products without your knowledge. Um, what? Yeah, pretty scary if you ask me.

There are close to 1400 substances completely banned from use in cosmetics by the EU Cosmetics Regulation in Europe. By comparison, the FDA has banned 11. Seems as if they have the right idea, huh?

Did you know that scientist found that 96% of beauty products contain lead, which is extremely harmful to your skin health? Luckily, there has recently been a shift in the beauty industry, which means it is heading into a natural direction. Many brands are eliminating parabens, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, and phthalates just to name a few. This doesn't mean you should believe every label you read is telling the whole truth, but you should definitely consider doing your own research and make sure you are actually using CLEAN, natural, and organic products. Our theory is if you can't eat it, don't use it on your skin. There is SO much more where this came from, but we'll just keep it simple for now.

We are here to help make saying NO to harmful ingredients, and toxic chemicals in your daily products a little bit easier by offering FRESH, simple, yet effective products made with organic and high quality ingredients. So, next time you grab your favorite cleanser or moisturizer off of the drugstore shelf, or order it online, just think about what ingredients have to be in there to make it shelf life stable for years, and how long has it already been sitting there waiting for you to buy it...

Thanks for reading! We hope this informs you, and brings you back for more. Knowledge is power! Know better, do better. We will be posting weekly blogs about all things beauty, skincare, and lifestyle related, so subscribe, comment, share, and stay tuned.

And always remember, "Life is full of tough choices, but your beauty routine shouldn't be one of them."

Oh, and this turning 30 thing isn't as bad as they say!

-Brandi <3


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