Ocean Salt Spray

There’s nothing like Sea Salt minerals to get rid of dead skin cells, and make your skin look fresh and rejuvenated. Spritz our Ocean Salt Spray all over your face and body, and let those awesome salts do the rest of the work.


    Our skin is a magnet for toxins and unhealthy bacteria. It absorbs lots of nasty oils, dirt and (sometimes poisonous) particles from the air.
    Over time, our skin accumulates a lot those toxins, which results in blackheads appearing “out of nowhere,” and a wide range of skin disorders, sometimes even chronic infections.

    Among the 26 minerals that are found in the Dead Sea, two of the most common ones are calcium and magnesium.Out of their many other qualities, these two minerals are famous primarily due to their remarkable ability to enhance skin hydration and promote cell renewal.

    Because Dead Sea salts don’t just leave your pores hanging… they actually shrink them, making sure no unwelcomed bacteria set up camp in your exposed skin pores. Yes, they literally pull your skin out of harm’s way… that’s pretty nice of them, isn’t it?

    Dead Sea minerals are famous for reducing wrinkles, eliminating cracks and making your skin look all young and shiny.

    Whether it’s acne, sunburns or any other skin inflammation – Dead Sea minerals contain high concentrations of magnesium, calcium, sulfur and other natural anti-inflammatory minerals that soothe (and prevent) skin inflammations.


    distilled water, dead sea salt, himalayan sea salt, epsom salt, glycerin, jojoba oil, vitamin e, preservative


    Spray generously onto clean face and body up to 3x a day. Follow with moisturizer for best results.



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