It's pretty obvious that all skin isn't created equally. Aside from ethnicity and age, our skin is characterized by its skin type. There are several factors which determine your skin type including genetics, age, sun exposure, and environment. Each type has a specific set of characteristics and symptoms, and requires special attention. Your skin type influences things such as water retention, sebum production, and sensitivity, as well as your propensity towards certain skin conditions. 

Skin is typically classified into 4 main types, but we have included sensitive, just because sensitive skin is a little different than dry skin, and of course, anti-aging/mature skin.


4 Main Skin Types:







When you are aware of and understand your skin type, it makes it much easier for you to choose the best skin care treatments and products. No matter what your skin type is, a daily skincare routine can help you maintain overall skin health and improve specific skin conditions/concerns such as acne and hyperpigmentation. Certain ingredients work better than others for particular skin types, and using the wrong products for your skin can cause irritation, dry skin, etc. By the age of 20 your skin type should be evident, but it can change gradually over time.



-Wear sunscreen EVERYDAY

-Change your pillowcases WEEKLY

-Wipe down your phone with an antibacterial wipe 1x a day

-Clean your makeup brushes/tools often

We have tried to make it easier for you, and separated each skin type into it's own category, so you are able to see which of our products we suggest for your specific skin type. As always, these are just suggestions, and may or may not work for your skin. The advice given is just based on our research, findings, and knowledge, but we aren't doctors, and since everyone has different skin, then unfortunately we can't guarantee anything. We do know that if you are consistent and stick to the same routine, with the same products, than you are more likely to achieve desired results. It takes at LEAST 4-6 weeks before you can tell if a products is working or not, BUT we prefer for you to commit for 6-12 weeks.



Sometimes, when making the switch over to natural beauty products, and when you are actually detoxifying your skin with natural ingredients, you may experience a bit of a breakout. While there are a number of factors that can cause breakouts, it’s possible you could be experiencing what’s known as skin purging or acne purging. In a nutshell, a skin purge is simply a “skin detox.” Think of when you do a body detox. When you cut toxins and processed foods from your diet and switch to natural, organic foods, you will first feel worse before you start feeling better. When it comes to skin purging, it’s the same concept. Many conventional skincare products work to simply cover up any skin issues without getting to the root of the problem. When you lather your skin with nutrient-rich products, the ingredients will sink deep into your pores, flushing out any toxins under the surface of your skin. Therefore if you have clogged pores, they may mature into pimples, and if you have small pimples or acne, they will turn into larger ones. Basically, natural products tend to push all of the hidden comedones to the surface of your skin. Skin purging should last about 4-6 weeks, however, if your skin isn't getting any better after 6-8 weeks it may mean that it is reacting to the new products you are using. 


Here's the good news. Once you are past this unfortunate, yet beneficial stage, chances are your skin will be better than ever.  So, just try to stick it out, even when your face looks worse than it ever has, and stay consistent with your routine. It should be worth it in the end. 

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